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Photo Tips #1

Here are some tips for shooting landscape photography. Settings ISO: keep a low ISO (100) to produce the highest image quality without adding noise to the picture. Aperture f/11 to f/22: a small aperture gives you a large depth of field (DOF), giving a focused image.  Equipment Full frame camera: we suggest to use a […]

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pixFineArt Album

We received today our printed album from SAAL! The result was amazing! The album is 28×19, mate finish. Impressive quality! The shipping was surprisingly fast and the album was boxed so well! Please, check the pictures.

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Lightroom Edition – Before and After #1

This is our first Before and After! The goal is to share the beauty of Digital Photography Editing. Time to time we will post more images and we will explain the complete process.
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3K Followers on 500px

3 Thousand Followers on 500px!!!! Thanks!

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Landscape Photography Kit

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